Pre-S.1 Drama Course

日期: 05/05/2021

In early April, S.1 students were finally able to complete this drama course from their Summer Bridging Programme, which had been postponed due to the Covid situation. Over four days, our girls received intensive drama training led by experienced native-speaking English tutors.


Students learnt about drama as an art form over the ages before being taught the drama skills needed to perform well on stage. Having covered all the basic elements, they went straight into rehearsals for a drama competition to be held in the school hall on the final day. Six groups put all the skills and knowledge they learnt into practice for a show that was broadcast live via Zoom to watching parents.


The judges and online audience enjoyed the six dramas performed by the actors. Students worked well in their groups, showed lots of creativity, developed their acting and language skills and gained confidence in performing on stage. All the teachers and tutors involved were pleased with students’ hard work and enjoyed their performances immensely.